Rev. June Hardy Dorsey, Rector

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from St. Andrew's where we are in the midst of observing an active and holy Lent. The lively and engaged nature of our parish leads us to observe Lent in ways true to that nature and perhaps from a different perspective than an austere observance of this season.

The Wednesday night and Sunday morning Lenten study on "Growing a Rule of Life" continues to call us to explore our relationships with God, ourselves, others and creation. When it became apparent that children would be attending the mid-week study, we began offering a children's module of the study. These programs have offered the opportunity for us to practice the Lenten discipline of self-examination as well as dialogue and community building. Because the creation and maintenance of a Rule of Life is an on-going process, we are already thinking about ways to reconnect on this subject throughout the year.

The mid-week Bible study group has been engaged in the Lenten discipline of reading and meditating on God's holy Word. The Scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday are explored and examined in light of the overarching baptismal themes of Creed, Covenant, Calling and Communion. Each week new discoveries and insights emerge from familiar texts, offering encouragement to those who gather to study.

Quiet Communion in the middle of the week offers an opportunity for simple worship, quiet and reflection... more reading and meditating on God's word.
The discipline of self-denial is being expressed in our church, by turning attention away from ourselves as an added emphasis on outreach and service. A Community Meal Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, Food Pantry, Community Meal, the offering of Basic Shelter and the hosting of Family Promise guests provide ways for us to practice this discipline.


The practice of fasting from eating meat on Fridays has resulted in an ever-growing Lenten Fish Fry on Friday nights. Attended by members of the community and parish, the Parish Hall has become a place of fellowship and nourishment.

The observation of a holy Lent calls us to self-examination and repentance, prayer, fasting and self-denial, reading and meditat-ing on God's holy Word. It has been inspiring to see the ways these disciplines are being practiced, sometimes in unconven-tional ways, in the midst of St. Andrew's lively common life.

May the spirit of the Lord continue to guide us as we seek to be the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement in Elyria and be-yond through this observation of a holy Lent.

If you are looking for a church, or just are curious about St. Andrew's, please come and visit. I look forward to meeting you.




Rev. June

















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