Vestry of Saint Andrew’s for 2016

(Year indicates the year their term ends)

•Doug Skladan, Senior Warden

Matt VanWormer (2018), Junior Warden

•Kris Hebble (2016)

•Sarah Schuster (2016)

•Bob Sharkody (2016)

•Gwen Frazier (2017)

•Bev Houts (2017)

•Shannon Von Guten (2017)

•Sue Paine, Treasurer

•Celeste Brlas, Clerk

About the Vestry

The Vestry is responsible for parish finances, parish buildings and planning for the future. They serve as listening posts, problem solvers, and work with the rector for the spiritual development of the parish.

The Vestry is made up of  9 members, elected at the January Annual Meeting for three-year staggered terms. Persons may run for Vestry if they are baptized, at least 16 years old, adherents to the Protestant Episcopal Church, and are bona fide members of St. Andrew’s Church for not less than six months preceding the Annual meeting and shall have contributed to the support of the parish through finances, gifts, time or talents.