The Vibrant Community of FCC Bronx

Nov 7, 2023

Introduction: Embracing Faith and Community

Welcome to FCC Bronx, your leading source for spiritual growth and community engagement in the Fordham area. As a prominent Fordham church, FCC Bronx strives to create an inclusive environment where people from all walks of life can come together to embrace their faith, build meaningful connections, and make a positive difference in the world. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant community has made us a sought-after destination for individuals seeking spiritual transformation and connection.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

At FCC Bronx, we believe that diversity and inclusivity are key foundations for a thriving community. Our congregation consists of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and age groups, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to enrich our community. We celebrate our differences and encourage open conversations, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

Engaging Programs and Activities

To meet the diverse needs of our community, FCC Bronx offers a wide range of engaging programs and activities. Whether you're interested in spiritual growth, community service, or personal development, we have something for everyone. Our programs include:

  • Sunday Worship Services: Join us every Sunday as we come together to worship, reflect, and draw inspiration from uplifting sermons delivered by our knowledgeable and passionate clergy.
  • Life Groups: Connect with like-minded individuals and foster deeper connections by joining one of our supportive Life Groups. These smaller, more intimate gatherings provide opportunities for meaningful discussions, bible studies, and mutual support.
  • Community Service: We believe in the power of giving back. Engage in meaningful community service projects that make a positive impact on the lives of those in need and contribute to the welfare of our local community.
  • Children and Youth Programs: Nurture your child's spiritual growth and character development through our engaging children and youth programs. These programs combine fun activities and valuable teachings, creating lasting memories and guiding them towards a strong moral compass.
  • Music Ministry: Immerse yourself in the uplifting power of music through our Music Ministry. Join our choir or participate in musical performances that inspire and evoke a sense of spiritual connection.

A Welcoming Spiritual Haven in Fordham

Located in the heart of Fordham, our church serves as a spiritual haven and anchor for the community. Our welcoming atmosphere, combined with our commitment to faith-based teachings and values, makes FCC Bronx a place of solace and rejuvenation for individuals seeking a deeper connection to their spirituality.

Embrace Spiritual Transformation at FCC Bronx

FCC Bronx is more than just a place of worship; it is a catalytic force for spiritual transformation. Our dedicated clergy and staff are committed to guiding individuals on their faith journeys, providing guidance, support, and counseling as needed. Whether you're seeking answers, struggling with personal challenges, or simply looking for a community that will uplift and inspire you, FCC Bronx is here to walk alongside you.

Join Us Today

If you're ready to embark on a transformative spiritual journey and become part of a vibrant community that embraces diversity and fosters inclusivity, we invite you to join us at FCC Bronx. Experience the warmth, acceptance, and inspiration that await you within our walls. Together, we can make a difference, both within ourselves and the world around us.

Contact Information

For more information about FCC Bronx, upcoming events, or how to get involved, visit our website at We look forward to connecting with you and welcoming you into our community!

Ryan Kobus
The FCC Bronx community is truly inspiring. Their dedication to embracing faith and fostering connections is empowering. Keep up the amazing work!
Nov 10, 2023