The Smallest Book of the Bible -

Jan 7, 2024


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What is the Smallest Book of the Bible?

When it comes to the smallest book of the Bible, there is no shortage of speculation and debate among scholars and religious enthusiasts alike. However, one book that is often considered the smallest is the Book of Obadiah. Located in the Old Testament, specifically in the section known as the Twelve Minor Prophets, the Book of Obadiah consists of only one chapter, making it a compact and concise piece of sacred literature.

The Significance of the Book of Obadiah

The Book of Obadiah holds great significance within religious circles due to its important themes and messages. It serves as a poignant reminder of divine judgment and the consequences of pride and arrogance. Through its prophetic words, the book condemns Edom, a neighboring nation, for its cruel treatment of the Israelites during their time of distress.

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