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Feb 4, 2020

Welcome to St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge

Welcome to St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, a warm and welcoming community in Baton Rouge. As a faith-based organization, we are committed to providing spiritual guidance, support, and fellowship to individuals and families in our community. Our diverse congregation comes together to worship, learn, and serve, all while fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Our Services

At St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the spiritual needs of our community. Whether you're seeking traditional liturgy or contemporary worship, our dedicated clergy and vibrant congregational life provide a meaningful and enriching experience:

Sunday Worship

Join us every Sunday for our worship services. Our traditional Holy Eucharist service includes hymns, prayers, and a sermon. We also offer a contemporary service with modern music and a relaxed atmosphere. Whatever your preference, you'll find a place to worship and connect with God at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Mid-Week Services

In addition to our Sunday services, we offer mid-week services for those seeking a mid-week spiritual boost. These services provide an opportunity to receive the sacrament and engage in prayer and reflection, allowing you to deepen your faith throughout the week.

Our Ministries

At St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, we believe in making a positive impact in our community. Through our various ministries, we actively engage in outreach and service, sharing God's love and compassion with those in need. Here are some of our key ministries:

Community Outreach

Our community outreach ministry focuses on supporting vulnerable individuals and families in Baton Rouge. We provide food assistance programs, clothing drives, and support local shelters. Our volunteers are dedicated to making a difference and offer their time and resources to those most in need.

Youth and Family Ministry

Our youth and family ministry is dedicated to nurturing the faith of our younger members. We offer Sunday school classes, youth groups, and family-oriented events. Through these activities, we aim to instill strong Christian values and create a supportive environment for our youth to grow spiritually.

Upcoming Events

Stay connected with St Andrew’s Episcopal Church by participating in our upcoming events. From educational workshops to community gatherings, there's always something happening at our church. Join us and engage with others who share your faith and passion for making a difference.

Bible Study and Discussion

Expand your knowledge of the Bible and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow believers. Our regular Bible study sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to explore Scripture and reflect on its relevance in their daily lives.

Community Picnic

Come and join us for a day of fun and fellowship at our annual community picnic. Experience the warmth of our church family as you connect with others in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Delicious food, games, and entertainment await you!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information about St Andrew’s Episcopal Church or any of our programs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly staff and clergy are always here to assist you.

St Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Address: 123 Main Street, Baton Rouge, LA 12345

Phone: 555-123-4567

Email: [email protected]

Join us at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge and experience a supportive and vibrant faith community. We welcome individuals from all walks of life and are committed to helping you deepen your faith journey. Discover the love and grace of God through our worship, ministries, and events. Contact us today to learn more!