33 Days to Morning Glory - A Parish-wide Study

May 4, 2021

Discover the Spiritual Journey at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Welcome to the St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, a vibrant community focused on faith, beliefs, and supporting one another in our spiritual growth. We invite you to join us in our upcoming parish-wide study on the transformative program, "33 Days to Morning Glory." This unique journey will enhance your relationship with God, deepen your faith, and bring lasting positive changes to your life.

What is "33 Days to Morning Glory"?

"33 Days to Morning Glory" is an inspiring and powerful spiritual journey designed to help individuals grow closer to God through the intercession of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This program, developed by renowned author and speaker, Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, explores the life and spirituality of four great Marian saints: St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and St. John Paul II.

Why Join Our Parish-wide Study?

Participating in our parish-wide study of "33 Days to Morning Glory" provides a unique opportunity to connect with our St Andrew’s Episcopal Church community, fostering a sense of unity, support, and spiritual growth. Through shared experiences and discussions, we create a supportive environment that allows us to learn from one another and develop a deeper understanding of our faith.

What to Expect During the Study

Our 33-day journey will consist of weekly meetings where we delve into the rich teachings and insights of the program. Led by experienced facilitators, these gatherings will provide a space for participants to reflect, discuss, and share their thoughts and experiences with one another. The topics covered include:

  • Week 1: St. Louis de Montfort – Explore the spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort and his total consecration to Jesus through Mary.
  • Week 2: St. Maximilian Kolbe – Discover the inspiring life and witness of St. Maximilian Kolbe and his commitment to promoting Mary’s role in the world.
  • Week 3: Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta – Learn about Mother Teresa's profound devotion to Mary and her reliance on the Blessed Virgin in her mission of love and service.
  • Week 4: St. John Paul II – Explore the transformative Marian teachings of St. John Paul II and his dedication to the Mother of God throughout his papacy.

Each week, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into the teachings of these saints, study the provided materials, join in group discussions, and reflect on the application of these insights in your own life. Through this collective study, we hope to foster a stronger sense of community, faith, and devotion to Mary.

Benefits of Participation

By embarking on this parish-wide study of "33 Days to Morning Glory," you can expect to experience a wide range of benefits:

  • Deepened Faith: Through a thorough exploration of the teachings of these great Marian saints, you will deepen your understanding of the Catholic faith and develop a stronger personal connection with God.
  • Spiritual Transformation: The program provides a transformative experience that can lead to positive changes in your life, renewing your commitment to Christian values and virtues.
  • Community and Support: Joining the study allows you to be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to growing in their faith and building strong relationships.
  • Enhanced Devotion to Mary: Discover the beauty and significance of a profound devotion to Mary, learning from the example of the saints and deepening your relationship with the Mother of Jesus.
  • Increased Prayer Life: Engage in meaningful prayer practices and devotions that will enrich your spiritual life and draw you closer to God.

How to Get Involved

Participating in our parish-wide study is easy! Simply visit the St Andrew’s Episcopal Church website and navigate to the "33 Days to Morning Glory" study page. There you will find all the information you need, including the study schedule, registration details, and contact information for any questions you may have.

Make a commitment to deepen your faith, grow in community, and transform your life. Join us for this enriching journey of "33 Days to Morning Glory" at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Note: This webpage has been created for demonstration purposes only and does not represent an actual website or parish-wide study program.

Sherif Blaku
This program sounds amazing! 🙌 I can't wait to join the parish-wide study at St Andrew's Episcopal Church. It's the perfect opportunity to deepen my faith and strengthen my relationship with God. Count me in for this transformative journey! 🌟
Nov 11, 2023
Thomas Gough
Excited to embark on this spiritual journey alongside the St Andrew’s community. Grateful for this opportunity to deepen our faith. 🕊️
Oct 5, 2023
June Kim
I've heard so many wonderful things about 33 Days to Morning Glory - can't wait to experience it for myself with my church family. 🌟
Sep 2, 2023
Chad Jadow
This parish-wide study at St Andrew’s Church is exactly what I needed to nourish my spiritual path. Thank you for hosting this opportunity. 🙌
Aug 6, 2023
Seok Ng
Excited to be part of this parish-wide study at St Andrew’s Church. It's going to be a powerful journey of spiritual growth. 🙏
May 17, 2023
Andrei Tanase
Can't wait to engage with the 33 Days to Morning Glory program and grow together with my church family. It's going to be an enriching experience. 🌿
May 9, 2023
Delphine Romain
I'm looking forward to learning and growing together with fellow parishioners through this program. Thank you, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church! 🌻
Mar 18, 2023
Terry Birdd
Looking forward to diving into this transformative program with the St Andrew’s community! 📖✨
Feb 8, 2023
Deborah Brink
This parish-wide study reflects the strong sense of support and community at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Let's grow and learn together! 🙏
Oct 1, 2022
Joseph Jaco
Agreeing with others, I'm thrilled to be part of this parish-wide study. Faith and community support are so important in our spiritual growth. 🌠
Sep 25, 2022
Ben Courtney
St Andrew’s Episcopal Church never fails to provide meaningful opportunities for spiritual growth and community bonding. Count me in for this study! 📘
Jan 30, 2022
Gabriel Peart
It's heartwarming to see St Andrew’s Episcopal Church focusing on spiritual growth and supporting its members. I'm grateful to be a part of this community. 🌸
Dec 15, 2021
Sam Pierce
This is exactly what I've been needing to deepen my spiritual journey. Thank you, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, for offering this opportunity. 🌿
Oct 20, 2021
Jason Shebansky
What a great initiative by St Andrew’s Church to bring the community together for a powerful study. Count me in! 📚
Sep 27, 2021
Jim Parr
It's beautiful to see the St Andrew’s community coming together for this transformative program. I'm ready to learn, grow, and support one another on this journey. 🌺
Jul 23, 2021